2002-06-21 Bonnaroo - Manchester, TN
By: lincoln

What can be said about the roo that hasn't already been said? Clay and Patrick pretty much summed it up for me. It was an amazing four days….the music, the fellowship, the weather, the atmosphere, again the fellowship… is really hard for me to put into words the experience I had this past weekend. I have been to many wharf rat meetings in the past and I have been to a handful of soberfan meetings, but none of them comes even close to the fellowship I felt at the roo. I really fell in love with you guys this weekend. It was an honor to meet some new soberfans……Gretchen with a smile that lit up the place and made me feel like I've known her for ages, Ed a damn funny azz mofo, Kimberly who could get lost in a circular driveway and be completely content in doing so, Casie you know its true, and last but surely not least…….. Michelle another smile and laugh that is now burned into memory….I looked for you before I left but you no where to be found, wanted one last hug and to tell you that the color blue is now my favorite color! Thank you so much for the work you did on the banner and the work you are doing on the site! I look forward to taking you by the arm and twirling with you again….. and everyone else that I have forgotten to mention….it was an honor and thanks so much for making my weekend. The "united front" (soberfans, jellyfish, wharfrats) without a doubt carried the message and that, for me, is what it is all about and that is what I will remember most about the roo!!! We gave new meaning to the phrase "attraction not promotion". It reaffirmed my commitment and belief in the 12th step and the message we are carrying at these shows. Clay is right on target when he talks about the support of the Jellyfish and the WharfRats….they were amazing! The meeting Saturday night absolutely blew me away…80 strong! Damn it was beautiful!! Constantly on Saturday night I was getting these what I like to call "God Elbow Jabs". It is where all the sudden it seems God jabs me in the stomach wit....(cont. next page)