2002-06-21 Bonnaroo - Manchester, TN
By: Jimmy

This was quite an event and I won't be able to do justice to it. I left after I got a flat tire fixed. Then three hours down the road I hit a tire as it was getting kind of dark and had to call the police to file a damage report. Then two hours later hit a stand still making the entrance sixteen hours. My traveling companion was furious to say the least. All I was thinking to myself was it will be forgotten at two that afternoon. I really enjoyed Big Wu and the Disco Biscuits both of which I had never seen before.

Friday I lost my friend after an hour and we didn't meet until that night back at the tent. I was looking all over for the table and met up with some folks from thephellowship and they were wondering the same thing. I was quite a bit away from the stage when Panic began and the crowd around me was kinda quiet and still. Similar to what Clay said, some people were snickering because I think I was a little too into the music. It was like listening to discs in my living room and dancing, except another 70,000 people. So I decided to move a little closer and to the other side. Surprise Valley opener, that song always makes me smile. "Goodbye it's time to fly" meaning that I have moved on from the past, and worried about the present, at least for me. Driving>Porch>Driving>Breathing Slow was beautiful. Later the Dirty Dozen make an entrance and I was pretty excited to see that happen, as I hadn't in quite a while. Climb to Safety closer, which in the past, I was not a big fan, but as life passes and lyrics seem to change meanings in your mind, you can grow exceptionally fond of some things. Friday night was a teaser of what was to come.

Saturday I checked my email because I had a feeling there would be a post about where the table was. So I stopped by right after checking the email Clay had sent out. Thanks Clay! Otherwise I wouldn't have found yall. I saw the new sign and it sure does look nice Michelle. Great work. As I was walking off with a friend,....(cont. next page)