2002-06-21 Bonnaroo - Manchester, TN
By: Clay


What an incrediable experience this weekend has been. I feel like Im a part of some big musical family. The Wharf Rats, Jellyfish, and Phellowship raised close to $350 for us this weekend, and they were all such awesome people. We owe them a great deal for supporting us like this, and I think we can repay them by carrying the message on WSP tour. There were 70 people at our saturday wsp setbreak meeting. Incredible! I got to meet Don, the founder of the wharf rats, which was super cool. So many wonderful people, that Im sad I had to leave them. When you guys see people from these other fellowships, please hug their neck, and tell them how much you love them. Thanks Robert, Nadia, Paige, Miko, and everybody!!!!

It was also great to see such a strong contingient of Gateway folks there. We are lucky to have such wonderful people among us. I beleive strongly that we can make this thing work, especially with God's help. The most wonderful part of it was that in a crowd of probably 100,000 folks, we had 20-30 sober Gateway people all dancing their asses off together. A truly beautiful thing. People kept asking if I had some X I could sell them. I guess they wanted whatever we had. I love you guys, and miss you already.

Last but not least, Panic upstaged everybody at that festival saturday night. They came out with the old-school nastiness that only tha Panic can deliver. If somebody says that another band out performed them, they were either not there, or they were curled up in a ball trembling with fear. I love the boys, and they never cease to amaze me. I would love to hear a proper tour review form others.

These three paragraphs hardly scratch the surface of the love and happiness I felt at this festival. It was so undescribable how wonderful it is to do an event of this magnitude with so many sober brothers and sisters. So much love!