2002-06-28 Red Rocks - Morrison, CO
By: Joe

i will echo steve's sentiment it was really great to have a spot to meet and it really added something to the RR experience this year. i am stilled amazed that i am actually capable of making to work the day after a run of shows, something that for many years of seeing shows had never been possible.

the best part of the table of course is that with the passes we get to hang out backstage all show - just joking clay. things went really smoothly with the table and it was great that they gave a spot where you could really hear the music (i expected the table to be at the very top of the rocks)

as for the shows i thought this was another really good RR run. the first set first night was about as good an opening run set as you could have. great energy great songs and everything flowed. the second set friday really jumped out of the gates and when sonny blew the coconuts intro whistle they place was ready to explode, and explode it did. the hesteria of coconuts made almost comedic when dave added, 'that's a good thing' after one of JBs, 'ladies lying in the sun' towards the end of the tune. unfortunately, it just seemed that they could never get it back to that level the rest of the set.

sat night was truly a great show. hard to pick a highlight because there were so many. i don't believe i have ever seen a suprise valley that was not at the bookend of a set, so that was quite a surprise (no pun intended). SV is a RR tradition as they have played at every year since it was written (including the first ever). so you always know its coming, just a matter of when.

the second set just blew the roof of the place (despite there being no roof). things really got hot after greta with the first extended jam of the night. goin' out west was right were it needed to be and the Use Me with randel took things to the level that (imo) only WP can go. coming out of drums JB was simply on fire during the hatfield rap, you could tell how much fun he w....(cont. next page)