2002-07-18 The Backyard - Austin, TX
By: Flarcus

here's the scoop

first, it is still widespread panic, same vibe, sound, groove, etc. i have 0 regrets about going, spiritually or musically (if there is a difference) from jb saying here we go and the band swinging into wrangler to open the run, througj the last notes of thousage, it was good old widespread panic.

that being said, it is different without mikey. his music, smile and spirit are missed. we, the fans and the band are affected by that, in ways both clear and subtle. it is not the same. it will never be the same. life is like that, we either learn, adapt and grow, with the help of our Higher Power, or we suffer.

on the whole george is an able replacement who will only grow with time. he had some real good solos and missed a few things, but on the whole a positive rating.

frankly, for me (its all about me, dammit), in a way i'm glad it was no mikey, seeing as how that's how its going to be, time to face it and deal with it. randall adds nice color and texture, and his songs are great. i hope he stays with them. (more about him below)

i personally thought friday was the best night, but all 3 had their highlights..thursday's were the jam before avis, the 1 by 1 -> dear mr fantasy, and the whole second set smoked, esp the supersitition/coconuts.knockin round the zoo with ddbb, followed by the best
me and the devil i have heard..jb was sick on vocals...friday the use me was real good and the stop n go was killer, especially schools...randalls God was in the water is great, funky and throbbing, a real tight diner, vg watchtower (though this doesnt do very much for me, being a little burned out on the tune, but listening to it it was very good), good arleen, good porch song encore cut short by curfew...saturday, a dvd was recorded, a little songy as opposed to long jammy, but good on the whole, down, rock and
trouble stand out for me in set 1, in set 2, old neighborhood was nice, randall's get ....(cont. next page)