2011-07-13 The Wiltern - Los Angeles, Ca
By: Q B.

This was my 4th time seeing WP but my first time sober. My last show was nothing more then a blur to me as I ended up sitting on the floor playing with random objects. I was soon after sent to rehab and have decided to get clean at 18 and finally at 7 months clean felt comfortable enough to go around the pandemonium of Panic again. I went to the show with other friends in the program with years. I was offered alcohol and weed before ever even entering the door but felt no temptation. I picked up one of the AMAZING posters and went on a walk towards the bathroom where I was offered doses by 3 different people in 5 minutes. I stuck with my sober friends and stayed sober through the show and all it had to throw at me for which I am so happy and proud of myself. The band.. Well the band is widespread panic after all. I had a blast, danced my ass off and just in general was "havin a good time!" I had snuck into the pit but was kicked out right before the encore which ended with me having a new resentment against the Wilterns security. I walked out and sat at the gateway table and talked with the guy drew there! We were dancing at the table while people poured out the doors and this is a night I will remember forever. My only negative is now that my ego has been lowered that I used to believe I was good a guitarist as Mr. Herring but tonight I realized that I AM NOT. Insanity right there. Anyways this is proof that you can get through everything at a widespread show without the things that ruin the music and true joy. I am SO excited for tomorrow night, mainly because like always, I KNOW they will kill it!