2010-10-02 Patriot - Charleston, SC
By: Arthur H.

Well played 1st set, highlights were provin ground and chainsaw city for me (absolutely love Jerry Joseph tunes)!

2nd set was interesting. Lots of sloppy playing and a couple "fits" by jojo. During lowspark (around the 4:40 mark on tape) he just started slamming keys. Full forearms slamming. The entire band came to a halt and schools looked like he was about to drop his bass and jb whipped around like someone was shot. Very weird and hands down the the least impressive set I've seen this fall.

Encore didn't do much for me, St ex, ils. Again, during imitation jojo just started screaming the chorus very obnoxiously and again everyone looks irritated.

It was great to see old friend and meet new ones!

Ryman night 1:

What a fun show!

1set: trouble opener was cool, but the speakers on Jimmy side were horribly messed up. Thankfully that got fixed quick. Tys>guilded was wow!!!!! Very nice build up in tys and Paul Hofmann would cut the lights on to the whole venue during peak jams so you could see everyone going insane, very cool. Junior>Henry parsons....rockin close to a great set!

Set 2: lAst dance and lawyers mid set, yes sir!! Monkey and a rockin blackout!

Encore; did not expect gimme so it was a surprise and papas home is always fun!

Very solid show!!!