2010-09-24 Encore Park - Alpharetta, GA
By: Arthur H.

Friday night: opened with pleas, got us thinking we may get everyday in its entirety, but quickly blasted in to mr soul. They've really got this segue down! Tts through junior was smokin rock and roll. Highlight of the evening was def. Fairies>impossible, it really doesn't get much more in your face!!!
Absolutely loved the encore, tpot, parsons!!!

Saturday night was just whoa!!!! Sharon was fun, but is at the bottom end of top 5 from the evening, if it even makes the top5. Before thought sausage jb said "there's a funny little story that goes with this song, but I'm going to keep it to myself" while looking at a guilty looking schools. Redhot>Arleen>redhot=goodness gracious!!!! The back end of driving was a complete melt but has had me laughing the last two days. Then bang, LIkE A HURRICANE!!!!!! I love Neil young and think they did an absolutely wonderful job with this one! Chilly>pigeons>chilly=pure smoking wp. Then the Vic encore: this cruel thing was nothing short of beautiful and the blight was hot with a naive melody rap by jb. Heard a lot of protein>sewing machines, but this one just goes on and on and rages!!

Overall a very fun weekend with some of the best people I know. So gratefulfor the gateway and def recommend downloading these shows!

See y'all in st aug, charleston, Oakland, and new Orleans!!

Love you all!!!!!