2010-06-25 Red Rocks - Morrison, CO
By: Arthur H.

06/25/10 Red Rocks, Morrison, CO

1: Airplane > Vacation > Pigeons, Cotton Was King > Climb To Safety, Greta > Tie Your Shoes* > Red Hot Mama* > Tie Your Shoes* > Porch Song

2: Conrad, Solid Rock, Goodpeople > Dark Bar > Goodpeople, Flicker > Shut Up And Drive, Cream Puff War > Fishwater, Blue Indian, Holden Oversoul

E: Let's Get The Show On The Road > Ain't Life Grand

* with Karl Denson on saxophone

Airplane>Vacation: Hello Mikey. Very surreal opener. Huge ovation as the band walked on stage and very subdue as they started with
Airplane. Very fitting for the many fans traveling from all over for these shows. Vacation is one I could hear every night

TYS>Red Hot>TYS: This was fun, seemed like that got really lost and weren't quiet sure what they were doing though. Real fun, don't think I've listened to it since then though :/

2nd Set highlights were the jam out of flicker (believe it and listen to it if you haven't). I've heard some folks say that it was the jam they did on the Squidbilles episode, but haven't relistened/rewatched the Squidbillies.

Cream puff>Fishwater: cream puff is my favorite tune they do maybe and fishwater is one of my favorite orignals, both hard hitting in your face songs.

Encore: LGTSOTR.....yes

Very fun first night, didn't get to the table because I am horribly lazy and