2003-04-15 Orpheum - Boston, MA
By: Flarcus

Howdy all, its your friendly traveller checking in having arrived home from Boston.

Well, first a splendid time was had.

Thanks again to Shaw for making our lives easier, the tub was out and waiting, and he had, as usual, scouted us out the best spot he could find.

Sparse sober crowd the first night, just 3 at the meeting, and impossible to hear, noisy drunk crowd milling about in the lobby. This was one of those nights, maybe it was just where my head was at, that made me say im not travelling so dadgum far for this...the only spot for the table was in an echoey place where people stood to finish their beers (no beer in the seating area), and they just stood there talking and drinking during most of the show. Seemed like many of them cared more about the buzz then the music. Been there, done that.

Slow start to the night, avis, tall boy, then they picked it up with cream puff war, proving-me and the devil-proving a new song papa johnny road followed, nicly done (let me say here the the new album is great, terrific feel and color to the music, good songs and well played and it) a soso (imho) wrangler and dyin man ended the set.

set 2 began with thousage, nice and crunchy, just the way a crispy ssausage should be, into travelling light christmas followed with a nice jam and the watching the sleeping man (tasty) and dthen rebirtha took us into a very short drums...things began to move then, with a long trippy hatfield, george sang dorathea, which i like more and more, and then boom, a bouncy bouncy walk on (some get stoned others get strange, sooner or later it all gets real...amen), then tie your shoes ->conrad to end the drume def the highlight for me...encore counting train cars (another new song, liked it too) and then chiillychilllyyyywater (which we thought the would save for the second night)

pretty good night all said

next day i went to the treatment ....(cont. next page)