2003-04-25 Walnut Creek - Raleigh, NC
By: Lincoln C.

What a beautiful weekend! Yea, it was cloudy, raining at times, but soon as panic stepped on the stage both nights, the rain stopped and the jamming commenced. My old sponsor/the best friend I have in the world came down from New York for the weekend to experience his first panic shows and his first experience with the soberfans and he was not disappointed by either!

Here's my Friday 4/26 review:

Walking into Walnut Creek on Friday was miserable. It was pouring, and I mean POURING, rain. I was completely soaked when I finally found Courbin holding down the fort at the table. We were hooked up with a nice table placement at Raleigh. They set us up right outside/inside a radio station booth that was not being used,soon to be renamed the sober shack. It was not far from the stage on School's side, so even if you were at the table you could still enjoy the music.

Panic kicked off Friday's show with a nice Thin Air and then blasted off into space with a kicking Pigeons and then into Send Your Mind. The boys had come to lay it down and they did just that with a very "jammy" Low Rider that just seem to go on forever. Although, I'm not a big Low Rider fan, this one had me dancin' out of my Teva's for almost 20 minutes. Then came one of my soberfan anthems, I'm Not Alone. Damn, I love this song and as always I was glad that some sober cats were near. Panic closed out the first set dirty and raunchy with Sleeping Man and ILS.

It was a solid first set and the boys seem to be gelling and having a lot of fun up there. I actually can't remember seeing them smile so much and positively interact the way they did this past weekend.

We had about 10 people for the meeting at set break inside our little sober shack with its dimmed lights and slow moving fan that moved the air and the smiles around the little carpeted shack. The gratitude and the lightheadedness I was experiencing from the release of tension that a Panic show brings....(cont. next page)