2004-11-11 U.I.C. - Chicago, IL
By: Jimmy D.

hey everybody!

just got back from chitown and already miss it! i'll start with the set list and give a quick review after each.


I. arleen> climb to safety, makes sense, notalone, some new song, stop&go, pilgrims, all time low
II. porch> fishwater, don't wanna lose you, pidgeons> drums> imitation> barstools
E. down, papa legi thought the song selection was great but it seemed

to me to be one of those nights that the boys were not into it. George seemed to be struggling. thanks to Jeff & Mike for working the tables. Seven of us at the meeting and we all stayed sober. i am terrible with names, i'm not even sure if i got Mikes name right, but i really enjoyed meeting everyone and really appreciate you all being there.

alright! second night, and any reservations i had after the less than stellar performance from the previous show were quickly laid to rest.

I. disco>greta>jam> north, blue indian, blackout> blight> radio child> action man
II. drums> feels like Mississippi, jack> * spoonfull> jam> red hot mama> jam> papas home> drums> papas home, aint life grand
E. drivin> heaven> drivin

the boys were much tighter and George was sick! Colonel Bruce came out for spoonfull. there was alot more improvisation and deep jams. there were a few times when the boys were all playing together with their backs to the crowd. Schools came over to jam with george and they were smokin! these were the boys i saw in atlanta. George really blew me away on a few tunes. Thanks to Tim D. for working the table. There was quite a bit of drugging going on around me( more than usual at a show) i left my seat and went to hang out with Tim. You are a lifesaver man! Thanks again to everyone i met both nights. I hope to see you all again real soon. Go cubs!!

jimmy duckworth